Registering when moving abroad

It is necessary to call us in advance when registering a move abroad. That way we can plan your appointment in consultation with you for a quick and efficient completion of the process.

When moving abroad you need to register your move to the municipality where you are going to live. You can do this in advance, with a maximum of 4 weeks before the date of your move. When moving abroad for a longer period of time, you emigrate. Emigrating entails spending minimally8 months of a year abroad. It does not have to be a continuous period of time. Before your emigration,  you register your move to the municipality of Dronten with maximally 5 days before your emigration.

The municipality requires the following information from you:

  • Names and dates of birth of all family members emigrating
    Note that if there are persons continuing to live on your former address, you need to report your move in person at the town hall. And provide the names of the remaining persons as well.
  • Your former address
  • Your new address
  • The date of emigration