More information on Dronten

As young as Dronten is, the town has a fascinating history. In 1957 the eastern part of Flevoland was reclaimed from the Zuiderzee and in 1962 the first inhabitants settled in the polder. On the bottom of the sea these “polder pioneers” worked on the land to cultivate it. Today we are proud of their achievements.

Nowadays we live, work, shop and pursue sports in the municipality of Dronten, a couple of metres below sea-level. Rather fascinating, come to think of it.
Looking at the brickwork of the townhall building, the gable shows in relief the waterlevel if the dykes would not protect us from flooding. The history of Dronten comes even more alive when you think of the settlements of nomadic people some 6.000 years B.C.; the hunters and gatherers of the Swifterbant culture.

Dronten is now a thriving community with over 40.000 inhabitants, divided over the town of  Dronten and  the neighbouring villages of Biddinghuizen and Swifterbant.
The municipality is characterized by the keyword space.
Space as in physical space, but also as room for a friendly relaxed pace of living. And room for our inhabitants, entrepreneurs and of course, our many visitors. On average all inhabitants have at their disposal over one hectare per person. Our vision is mirrored in our slogan: Dronten provides you with space. An abundance of room for each other and room for differences of opinion. With the addition of the Hanzelijn and the new provincial route N307 (Overijsselseweg) from and to Lelystad and Kampen, space became even more interesting.

Dronten provides plenty of space for recreational pastimes. A coastal line ranging from IJsselmeer tot the outermost point of the Veluwemeer, with on our east coast well known attractions such as Walibi Holland, Flevoboulevard, FlevOnice and Dorhout Mees. The possibilities for rambling or cycling are endless, down the beach at the lakes, the woods of Roggebot or Spijkbos.

Centrally located in Dronten is the modern shopping mall Suydersee and our theatre and congressional centre De Meerpaal. You are more than welcome in the hospitable community of Dronten.